Forwardthinking Consulting is an Australian business. Our consultants are based in Australia, the USA and Afghanistan. We work globally, in both developed and developing countries, to build vibrant and successful organisations.

Forwardthinking Consulting provides professional facilitation and expertise to deliver bold solutions for all types of organisations to:

  • strengthen their management;
  • build organisational capacity;
  • develop leading-edge strategy;
  • mitigate risk;
  • promote sustainability;
  • enhance workplace harmony;
  • promote functionality and;
  • increase productivity.

We can deliver solutions to meet specific needs within the organisation, or conduct complete organisational ‘makeovers’ which address all key areas within governance and operations.

Forwardthinking Consulting is committed to finding optimal solutions through thinking ‘outside the box’ and using innovative techniques. The team is skilled at environmental scanning and at identifying both explicit and obscured realities needing to be addressed within the organisation. Solutions encompass ground-breaking management practices, underpinned by pioneering research and collective experience in a myriad of diverse settings.

The consultants with Forwardthinking Consulting bring many years of experience through working in city, rural and remote communities of Australia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both individually and together they have a proven track record of facilitating success and sustained positive outcomes for a wide-range of government and non-government organisations.